The play was a great success but the audience was a disaster. ~Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Wednesday night I contracted a minor virus.¬† Fortunately, with a Canadian geek friend who was very generous with his time — and the anti-virus software he had installed —¬† the potential monster was deleted and defeated in fairly short order.¬† So I only lost about half a day, and I used that to good effect on the other side of the wall:¬† in the kitchen!

I always thought that viruses were created  to get credit card and account numbers so hackers could clean you out.  Turns out some programmers create them just for fun because they can.  And, depending on who you believe, to give extra business to anti-virus software companies called upon to clean up the mess.  Oh, how we need them now.  Planned obsolescence has become forced obsolescence.  Sigh.

After a little hope and a lot of prayer, the software did it’s job and I was as thankful as a pilgrim in November.¬† Who knew that geeks would one day rule the world?¬† Where everyone with an internet connection a potential damsel in distress, IT guys riding in to save the data.¬† Well, lesson hard-learned to keep a heads up, even when eyes strain against gravity, wanting to sleep more than see, editing yet another post at two in the morning.¬† I’m not complaining, I’ve always been a night person, energized as the sun goes down.¬† The mental gymnastics required to keep this site going continue to surprise.¬† The hours go by in just minutes.¬† Sighing, but with a smile this time.

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