As a partner to the First Lady’s campaign, the Partnership will work alongside the federal government to build  target-industry specific solutions to fighting obesity that can be measured and tracked. ~Partnership for a Healthier America 2010

Michelle Obama’s health initiative blew through the nation this week like a breath of fresh air.  Finally someone of clear-headed influence has recognized that we need to right the wrongs of how we are feeding ourselves.  Called Let’s Move, she cleverly aimed her remarks at childhood obesity (who can argue with that?), and formulated a four-pronged approach that she will chair with support from the medical profession, the food industry and congress.  The public school system will be a conduit to:

  • Improve school lunches
  • Teach children about the benefits of eating whole foods
  • Advocate minimum time spent on recess and physical fitness
  • Get accurate and understandable health and nutritional information to the public

In conjunction with the President’s initiative — a task force on childhood obesity — they will tackle a host of food-related topics, including food labeling.  It’s about time that the agricultural industrial complex is called to remedy their business plan to keep Americans the nutritional equivalent of barefoot and pregnant.  With all of the harmful additives in processed food products, and the drugs and chemicals fed to animals that have made us disease-prone, it’s about time for a change.  A comprehensive overhaul could have a cataclysmic effect on areas important to all Americans:  health care, economics, the environment, our food supply, productivity and longevity.  Direct and accurate data that counteracts the onslaught of bad and misleading information — spurious health claims, labeling hijinks and lobbying shenanigans — will be cleansing and informative.

Americans are responsible for balance in their own lives.  We make food choices every day.  We should ask questions and make demands of food manufacturers, voting with our forks by eating more whole foods and fewer food products with chemicals and additives.  This is the only way to get companies to change because they want you to buy what they’re making.  We owe ourselves no less.  Our very lives depend upon it. Now, finally, that has been realized by our government.

Additional links:  Press Release
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NY Times article reveals one of the the biggest obstacles may be schools who use candy sales to generate revenue.

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