Why are men reluctant to become fathers?  They aren’t through being children.  ~Cindy Garner


10 Ask your dad to go shopping with you.
9 Tell him all of your life’s trauma or troubles.
8 Ask him to dress for the occasion.
7 Tell him you have to move back in.
6 Ask him to suffer the in-laws all day.
Organize his workshop or garage.
4 Ask for a loan.
3 Take him on a tour of nursing homes.
2 Discuss his will.
1 Tell him you want to be his power of attorney.

Show My Face sponsors this light-hearted meme for Saturday bloggers.

A column by Dr Mercola tells us of the dangers of plastic.  The hazards of leaching toxins into food from plastic wrap and containers is well-documented, and now some of the glue used to afix plastic labels to food packages is shown to be hazardous to human health.  Not all of the glues are poisonous but you never know which glue is used.  The FDA seems unconcerned about these environmental dangers because they advocate business interests.

Plastics pervade our culture.  Think about how many times you use a product that is contained in plastic.  For greatest safety for you and your family, begin to phase out these substances from your home.  Get creative; let kids help:

  • Chose and recycle supermarket food products in glass containers rather than plastic.  Green markets and food co-ops are less likely to use chemical packaging, as are European and small batch brands that contain fewer preservatives and chemicals.
  • Avoid bottled water in plastic bottles.  Filter tap water for the safest, most economical way to drink water.
  • Especially avoid plastic containers with recycling code #7 (shown on the bottom) that are likely to contain BPA.
  • Buy soda pop in glass bottles.  Not only will you get a safer product and protect the environment, you will get a better soda. See my previous post about Galco’s Soda Pop Shop here.
  • Another reason to patronize your local butcher is that they are more likely to wrap in paper.  Labels, if used, are not put on the package until it is purchased.
  • At picnics, use paper plates and cups rather than plastic.  Consider using metal utensils; pick up inexpensive flatware at thrift shops, yard sales or dollar stores.  Use toothpicks where possible.
  • Stop using straws.
  • Avoid styrofoam (meat trays, take-out containers, egg crates); buy eggs in paper cartons.
  • Use glass storage containers rather than plastic.  Reusing glass food containers is a good way to recycle.
  • Never microwave in plastic containers, plastic wrap or plastic bags.
  • Breast-feed babies if possible rather than using bottles with plastic nipples.

Enlist your extended family in this effort to keep everyone safe and healthy.  What are some of the ways you can think of to limit your use of plastics in your home?

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6 Responses to “TOP 10 BAD FATHER’S DAY IDEAS”

  1. I rather like idea number one! :-)

    Tripping to Panama!
    .-= Magical Mystical Teacher´s last blog ..Six-Word Saturday: Now It’s Panama! =-.

  2. Hootin' Anni says:

    I can’t pick out your 6 words? Am I missing something here?

    Here’s mine…Saturday’s post Do come by to say hi, if you can.

  3. faerwillow says:

    ~funny quote above…warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Joy says:

    Welcome, 6-WS citizens. Thanks for visiting my effort to improve the American food landscape. I hope my site is helpful.

  5. I liked your top 10 list :-). As for the plastics … I’m trying to get them out of my life, but it’s amazing how pervasive they are. I learned long ago NEVER to put that plastic in the microwave. I wonder how much of it breaks down & gets into the food?
    .-= This Eclectic Life´s last blog ..These Boots Aren’t For Walking =-.

  6. Joy says:

    Glad you liked! Yeah, plastics . . . demon spawn of technology. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Suffice it to say that melted plastic is toxic; no one should have it near food, or inhale the fumes. The odor tells you how horrid it is. The real surprise is how many people heat the stuff on a daily basis. Not good. I bet might have the skinny on the stats; he’s always looking for something to pounce on. I wish people would just stop buying the stuff, in any form, or any reason. As if we need another reason to stop drinking soda pop. Bring on the wine!

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