If you’re going to America, bring your own food.
~Fran Lebowitz (1950 – ) Social Studies (1981)

The past week has been filled to capacity with my being pulled in directions other than Stop Blogging And Cook, so I haven’t had a of of time to devote to daily posts and preparations.¬† Sorry to be falling down on the job, but my other job of bringing financial resources to the table trumps my writing avocation.¬† When writing a post, I peruse my collection of blogs and websites to see where the discussion leads this time, and that can be time-consuming, especially add research and fact-checking to the task.

After reading the blogsite, Eat, Drink & Be, my head is swimming with an avalanche of reasons that should make you awfully glad that you cook, even if you’re just beginning to learn how.¬† Here are some of the most recent posts.

  1. The McGrilled Chicken sandwich can cause cancer.¬† To be fair, the conventional wisdom is that grilling anything – cooking over an open flame at high temperatures to create a grilled flavor from the blackening of the meat which almost always results in over-cooking of beef, chicken and pork.¬† It is possible to grill meat without overcooking, but you cannot depend upon fast food to turn out product emphasizing speed and low prices over quality food and cooking methods.¬† Grilling meats yourself gives you control over what you’re cooking and eating.¬† In a sidenote, franchisees of KFC reports that half of their grilled chicken is thrown away before sold,, and franchisees are complaining that recent advertising promoting the grilled chicken is harming their brand and sales of the deep-fried version that made them a success.¬† That the nutritionally-void fried chicken is actually moister than the grilled chicken is testament to the fact that they have perfected the art of frying to an extent that hasn’t begun to be matched by their grilling.¬† You’re much better off going home and grilling your own.
  2. Food at the Indiana County Fair – those¬† geniuses who invented deep-fried butter – have been cited for an alarming 29 number of food safety and sanitation violations involving over half of the vendors.¬† On the other hand, if you’re bent on eating artery-busting foods to begin with, maybe food safety isn’t your priority.¬† As uncomfortable as life is being overweight, it can’t compare with a bad case of memorable food poisoning.¬† Language barriers in ethnic restaurants are revealed to be the cause of improper food handling and resultant health code violations.¬† Health officials are working with business owners to insure full understanding of food-handling procedures and compliance.
  3. Fast food salads sometimes contain more fat than the burgers.¬† Check out the stats for five chain restaurant salads that stack up (unfavorably) nutritionally beside a Burger King Whopper.¬† Testament that it is best to make your own salads to be certain what you’re eating.¬† Nothing worse than someone wanting to shed some pounds by mistakenly thinking that fast food salads will be their ally.¬† Fast food is fast food, not real food, and unless you count unconscionable amounts of fat and salt to be in the realm of ‘real’ and demonstrates their missing the point of salads, which need no salt or saturated fat to be palatable.¬† The main ingredient in most restaurant salads – iceberg lettuce, compared to other types of lettuce – is relatively anemic with little food value or flavor.¬† To compensate for this lack of flavor, salad dressing with high salt and fat content are offered.¬† It’s a crime to make something as wonderful as a salad into just another vehicle for addicting consumers to salt, sugar and fat.¬† It’s almost as if those in charge really don’t want you to eat wll.¬† Minefields are plentiful at every fast food ordering counter.
  4. Energy drinks contain enormous amounts of sugar and caffeine, and drinking them can pose more health risks than they’re worth.¬† “There really is no beneficial effect for these energy drinks,” says Dr Howard Kadish, emergency department physician at Primary Children’s Medical Center.¬† Make your own iced tea or flavored water, saving money and doing your body a favor.
  5. Unhealthy habits can be a real headache, according to a recent Norwegian study.  They found that a full twenty-five percent of the population is plagued with headaches, and half of the population who smokes, is overweight, and exercises little can expect to suffer this particular type of pain.  Children carrying excess weight can also expect to suffer from lack of bone density, a new study from the Medical College of Georgia reports.  If altering your eating habits would take away headaches, would you do it?
  6. The Salmonella recall now tops half a billion eggs, sold in grocery chains from April to August.¬† No longer is the egg manufacturer¬† Wright County the only culprit but the outbreak has been found in bucolic-sounding brand names like¬† Hillandale Farms, Sunny Meadow, Wholesome Farms, Sunny Farms and West Creek.¬† Company name is, of course, no indication of healthy, contamination-free environments, so don’t ever be swayed by the name of a product, marketing aside.¬† Eggs are mixed into so many food products and menu items, you can never know for certain where food contamination lurks because Salmonella is not always killed during cooking.¬† Refrain from buying grocery store eggs, at least for the time being, and buy them at green markets from farmers who raise organic chickens on smaller farms and in more sanitary conditions.
  7. Think twice about sending your kids to get ice cream from the truck outside.  While offering a cool summertime treat, the unregulated vendors are often illegal.  And eggs are sometimes used in making ice cream products.  Use the money you would spend over the course of a whole summer to invest in an ice cream maker, and make ice cream & frozen yogurt at home along with your kids.  Adding fresh  fruit, chocolate, vanilla or other real ingredients is a good way to enjoy it year-round.  Like a frozen smoothie:  worth the wait.

Need more reasons?  Other than for your healthy, safety and well-being?  How about that of your family/


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