Statistics show that of those who contract the habit of eating,
very few survive
. ~Wallace Irwin (1875 – 1959)

Embarking on a new venture is becoming increasingly time-consuming, so I am having to make quick work if I am to continue my daily posts, which I want wholeheartedly to continue.¬† Today, I’m recapping some miscellaneous topics addressed before, just to demonstrate that my food ideas are not out-of-the-ordinary.¬† We all need a little validation now and again, and I’ve linked to my previous posts.

It’s nice to see how foods circulate through the blogosphere, and yesterday I found black rice on Eat, Drink & Be.¬† I first spoke about black rice, Forbidden Rice actually, back in January after discovering it in the bulk food department.¬† With the hip title calling it the ‘new brown,’ the short description does it the disservice of presenting reasons why some may not like it.¬† I’d much rather focus on why people will like it; they can try it and decide for themselves.¬† True, it is a heartier rice rather like brown rice but it has much better kernal separation than brown.¬† In fact, black rice combines the best of both:¬† mega nutrition, cooking times identical to white rice resulting in a finished product that has a nutty flavor and is nicely separated for salads or side dishes.¬† I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone refines it and puts it in a box, doubling the price and selling it with much marketing mumbo jumbo.¬† Beat the crowds.¬† Look for it in the bulk department and experiment with it to find the way of serving it that best suits.

Long a believer in minimal packaging Рprobably from the frustration of needing a utility knife to open the packaging of a new utility knife Рthis month and at several other times before, I advocated avoiding packaged fresh vegetables for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons was to avoid bacteria that can thrive in a moist, closed environment.  Mark Bittman has a post about just such occurrences.

I can’t help but show a quote that sums it up succinctly:

One hopes that senators putting final touches on the Food Safety Modernization Act will take note:  It is the large produce companies distributing packaged goods across the country that are endangering the health of consumers.  It is not the small producers and local growers at farmers’ markets Рthough they may end up paying for the problem through increased fees and unnecessary regulations.

And in June, at the beginning of the summer season fresh fruit fiesta, I offered a preparation for making Brandied Fruit for use in the late fall and winter.  Kelly Meyer, writing for Culinate had a post on the same, extolling the virtues of canning the easy, alcoholic way.  But where I used rum, her mother used brandy.  And Kelly describes another way of brandying fruit, with wine, but this is a more involved process.  In any case, brandied fruit makes a stellar dessert when added to cakes or put over ice cream.  It even flames!


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2 Responses to “THAT’S WHAT I SAID!”

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh my goodness! Alcoholic fruit flaming on ice cream. I think I am about to pass out!
    Katherine´s last blog post ..Earl Is That You

  2. Joy says:

    Trust your instincts. It’s gooooooooood, and versatile!

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