I’ll bet what motivated the British to colonize so much of the world is that
they were just looking for a decent meal
.  ~Martha Harrison

Hi, again.  If you’ve wondered where I’d gone, it’s not on a much-needed vacation sitting on a sun-kissed beach awaiting the next pina colada served by a buff beach boy.  Not even close.  It’s to the other part of my life, the one that is income-producing.  I’m embarking on a new adventure and it has become quite time-consuming.  I found myself utterly unable to find any time to continue blogging.  But I did discover that Stop Blogging and Cook is an endeavor that I do not want to leave.

Yes, readers can still begin on January 1st and work their way through the year, each day learning new and different things about the process of feeding themselves and their families.  You don’t need daily posts from me to launch you on your cooking way.  But I truly enjoy the discussion – even if I’m only talking to myself! – that is heating up around food issues.  They are important, because eating is important to every living creature.  The number of abominations that are being tossed around are significant to the global eating public:  the struggle for healthy eating, legislation regarding school lunches & labeling,  the deleterious impact seed patents have on a world of cultures, the psychology and effects of marketing, and special interests’ impact on government action or inaction.  I could go on.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t cook a new preparation every day, or even every week.  I’ve settled into a comfortable and relatively healthy routine of a number of dishes that work for me.  There was a time when I opened up a cookbook just to find something new to try, especially if I was expecting company.  Cooking is creative and fulfilling and, hey, at the end you get to eat!  What’s not to like?   And since I’m eating every day anyway, why not make it myself?

I don’t do a lot of new cooking or experimentation any more.  Undertaking this blog had gotten me back into that experimentation groove because I wanted to give readers a wider variety of things to eat that I had been eating myself.  But that is no longer possible, given the way things are going these days.

I’ve given you most of my quickest and easiest preparations hoping that, once you’d given it a go in a kitchen near you, you’d discover that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as you’d imagined.  Buy some cookbooks that interest you and crack open a new recipe on the family.  People love to be cooked for, as I’ve often said.  You may not need my daily input any more and –  if that is the case – my work here is done.

However, since this isn’t a money-making enterprise, and it’s mine, I can do whatever I want.  And I find that to remain engaged in the goings on of the culture of food out there is a satisfying avocation.  I keep up on world food events and want to keep readers in the loop.  I’ll still post preparations from time-to-time, and will feather articles from other sources.

Marion Nestle’s blog Food Politics, talks about three simple things that doctors can tell their patients about what to eat.  A short list of three covers most of what is truly important:  variety, minimal processing and moderation.

We all know that it is important to eat a variety of foods, but has anyone stopped to wonder why?  Dr Nestle says:

Varying foods within and among food groups takes care of needs for nutrients without having to think about them.

Brilliant.  To absorb the most good nutrition out of foods, simply eating a wide variety of them will enable us to that without spending a lot of time thinking about what to eat.

We all know that food closest to it’s original form has the most nutrients.  Processed food on the grocery shelves and in frozen food sections is higher in artificial ingredients, chemicals and genetically modified organisms.  Again with a helpful way to avoid having to think about which foods are best, she says:

My definition of minimal processing is only slightly facetious:  Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients or an ingredient you can’t pronounce.

The produce, dairy, bulk dry goods and meat sections of the grocery store are your allies in healthful eating.  The center of the grocery store is a minefield so enter at your own risk.


Balanc[e food] intake with expenditure. . . .

I’ll elaborate:  eat less, move more.  Eating for short-term gain will punish your system and you will suffer long-term consequences.  Balance, in every aspect of life, is good.  Cause and effect at work.

Dr Nestle concludes that healthy eating matters, that what we feed ourselves has everything to do with how healthy we are.  Read the full post, it’s good food for thought.


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6 Responses to “I’M BACK!”

  1. Katherine says:

    Eat less and move more…. I so agree. Of course with my gastroparesis the eating isn’t anything I had to change… but now I walk and walk and walk and do crunches and lift weights in the back yard and I’ve lost 30 pounds!! :)
    Katherine´s last blog post ..Memories of Wild Horses Brought Back To Life

  2. Joy says:

    Impressive. In training to prepare for the next season of Survivor, eh? By now you’re probably seeing results, so keep up the good work. I’ve heard you have marvelous personal trainer!

  3. Eating a variety of foods also keeps us (me at least) from getting bored and reaching for an unhealthy snack.
    Good luck on your newest endeavor! Don’t leave entirely … just slow to a pace that works for you. It’s what I’m having to do after several years of blogging. When inspiration hits, go with it. If life has absorbed all your energy — let it ride.
    This Eclectic Life´s last blog post ..Yeah- Baby! You Can Win A Free Mojo Bag With Just A Comment

  4. Joy says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful advice and wishes. Not much time for cooking and even less for blogging. Checking in to respond to the faithful. They say that variety is the spice of life, and relieving boredom is an important aspect of eating well. Wondering if you’re still going the meatless route; have you yet lured in Mr Tucker?

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