RICE OR BEAN THREAD NOODLES Asian markets have bean thread and rice noodles in single-serving units (8 to a package) that can be cooked quickly by stirring in boiling water for a minute or two until they turn translucent. Drain well & toss w/gravy.¬† Add meat and heat in microwave just until meat is hot.¬† Don’t overheat or gravy will separate.

EGG NOODLES While noodles cook, gently heat gravy & meat cut from the bone. Spoon meat & gravy over drained noodles.

RICE OR QUINOA Place 1 cup of water in a sauce pan, bring to boil & stir in 1/3rd cup of basmati rice or quinoa & ¬ľ teaspoon salt.¬† Reduce heat to low.¬† After 10 minutes, add leftover chicken leg & thigh (separated) for the last 10 minutes of cooking to finish the grain & heat the chicken.¬† Remove meat.¬† Stir gravy into rice & return to heat for 1 minute until hot.


WOK Stir-fry vegetables in wok, add leftover meat at the end.  Serve over rice or noodles.

CURRY Use almost any vegetable to make curry Рmild or spicy Рand add leftover meat, or not.  Serve with yogurt, nuts, banana, raisins or coconut.

TACOS Use whatever vegetables you have on hand.  Heat leftover meat and pile into taco shells.  Garnish with Greek yogurt & cilantro.

PASTA While pasta cooks, heat leftover meat in jarred marinara sauce.  You can add lightly steamed sliced zucchini and carrots to marinara.  Spoon hot marinara and vegetables over drained pasta.

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